Pastor of Muppets (syndicalist) wrote in killing_joke,
Pastor of Muppets

Wow - joint Killing Joke / Joy Division shirt

...based on old 1980 Killing Joke/Joy Division flyer design. I already ordered one. Hope the quality isn't crap.

Also, below is an mp3 of the new (2008) Killing Joke song "Time Wave," live from Brussels a few days ago. It sounds like Motorhead / NWOBHM / The Complications / Leatherface / Born Dead Icons, as a lot of their recent stuff has tended to do. Has an unexpected metal/mosh-y breakdown near the end.

MP3: Killing Joke - "Time Wave" (live 9-30-08 Brussels).mp3

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wow, thanks for the track! sounds like they never lost their energy.