Jenn (jennbats) wrote in killing_joke,

Killing Joke Show

Last nite awesome.
HOB Sunset is decorated really cool and is so big compared to Disney.
Bars everywhere and plenty of places to hang out.

Our hook up there got us wristbands so we could sit off to the side of the standing crowd and still see!
And we were able to cruise thru out the venue.

Seems most every one was there.
Celebs too. We Saw Dave Grohl and Pat Smear. And heard Morrissey was there.

The show was so full of energy.
Jaz is an amazing performer.
I just plain love him. His voice, his presence, his "look"....all of it.
The rest of the guys looked great and rocked.
I would have enjoyed a better selection of songs but there were some kickers fo sho!
Requiem, 80's, Night Time, Money is Not our God (!), Communion, Whiteout,
and lots more.

I want more Killing Joke.
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